mirror-city is a collection of new and selected poems by Nicolas Behr, imprisoned in 1978 by the right-wing Brazilian military dictatorship in an attempt to silence him and his writing. Upon release, Behr reported that his future plans included buying a megaphone so that he could speak louder. 

Behr’s work summons the spectral “braxília,” the city that Brasília could have been - incorporating an X where the city’s major arteries cross into the name itself - where the “wings” meet the “body.”

mirror-city is translated by Jon Woodward and authorized by the author. The collection includes work ranging from the late 1970s to the present, as well as six new pieces.

Portuguese originals and English translations appear on facing pages.

Author: Nicolas Behr
Translator: Jon Woodward
Language: English / Portuguese
ISBN: 978-1-7375909-5-8

Release Date: Autumn 2022

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