The author of Michi no Hana (1956) and Yunomi (1981), Soha formed the Magnolia Society with the legendary Mishima Yukio while attending the Peers School.

In 1948, Soha became the youngest member of Hototogisu, and in 1953 he founded AO magazine at the University of Kyoto. He died in 1991.

In an article for Haiku magazine, Mishima Yukio describes Soha’s poems as “refreshing, demonic, figurative, and bleak.”

     The goldfish bowl 
I dropped
          a flower on the pavement

Despite a unique brilliance, Soha’s work remains largely untranslated in English.

Six Phrases is a short and varied collection of Hatano Soha’s haiku. Each translation is accompanied by the original Japanese text and English transliteration (romaji).

Author: Hatano Soha
Translator: Anthony Opal
Booklet, 12 pp, 7 x 5.25 in
Language: Japanese / English
ISBN: 978-1-7356630-0-5
Published: August 26, 2020


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